Our Story

In February 2004, Women of Excellence was born, the birth-child of Dr. Laverna Moorer. She had a mission before her, addressing the need for committed services under one umbrella for women returning from prison system, battered and abused, and homelessness.

With this valued intent set in place to bridge the gap in services, skills, and education using an integrated system of care, WOE is posed to use future solutions now. Women of Excellence, Inc. is a non-profit, community-based organization located in the state of Georgia. Our program has a mission that warrants support of both community leaders and private citizens. WOE’s mission is to foster stability in the lives of formerly incarcerated women, homeless women, and battered or abused women. WOE believes stable and safe housing is the foundation needed to work toward self-sufficiency therefore the provision of supportive services is a natural next step. Stability and productivity will help women move toward self-sufficiency thereby tackling the root of recidivism, homelessness, and abusive relationship cycles and rebuilding the family structure. By breaking tradition with programs that do away with ridicule, stereotypes and complacency, WOE will break these women out of boundary thinking and assist in creating a statement of value using visible, practical and precise outcome expectations. As mothers become productive members of society, they will have a profound impact on their children, their communities, and on society.

WOE has aligned itself with other individuals, agencies, and organizations such as The Bloom Connection, Family Unification Network, and Pardons and Paroles who are joining the journey in the effort to provide excellent services for a need that has burdened our society for so long. After extensive research we have found that there are many services that provide pieces of the puzzle but very few address the entire person.

WOE believes in the concept of womanhood and motherhood, concepts that are being erased and diluted in our society. We are planting the global seed and do here call to service woman in our society that in one way or another have assisted in building and advancing the structure of society. We appeal to women that realize this project is a huge undertaking and its success will determine the future of mother, wives, and woman across the country. We appeal to women who will understand the need for leaders and that have a passion for the struggle of women. Women of Excellence is in need of your support. Please open your minds, your hearts, and your schedules to see the need for support and your value to the women of today’s society. You have the ability to make the future what it should be.